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Most funnels are do-it-yourself. Which is fine, if you know how.
BLITZ funnels are custom-built for you, by our pro team.


FUNNELS are very specialized websites. They strip away all the fluff,

and go right for the CALL-TO-ACTION. Usually that means making a sale.

But they're also used for email collection and webinar sign-ups, etc.

We hold your hand & your funnel.

If you're an expert marketer and funnel-maker, then you have many options.

But few business owners have those skill-sets. And most have never built a successful funnel.

BLITZ FUNNELS are custom built, just like our websites.


The most important thing is our knowledge, talents and our time working with you.

  •  We  help design your FLOWCHART
  •  We  include all the layout & design
  •  Fully secure IBM GOLD hosting
  •  merchant account of your choice
  •  video Options:  The great persuader!
  •  Landing & "Squeeze" pages
  •  up-sell & THANK YOU pages
  • "FLYWHEEL" pages to close the loop
  •  Automated purchase reply emails
  •  Free Integration with Merchant Account
  •  Free Integration with e-Mail Marketing
  •  Free Exciting Count-Down Timers
  •  Free Contact-Collection List Database
  •  Free Calendar Appointment Integration
  •  Free Attention-Getting Pop-Ups
  •  Our BLITZ DASHBOARD:  Available 24/7
  •  Sold in perfect 6-month blocks


All for just $79/month

In a 6-Month Subscription


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How are BLITZ FUNNELS made?

We work with you one-on-one, to determine your goals and design a great funnel.

Then we go back to our Bat-Cave (or Santa's Workshop, if you prefer) and we build it.

Unlike automated funnels, ours run faster, and are more resistant to hackers.

BLITZ FUNNELS are unique!

2.  BLITZ FUNNELS are beautiful. Why are most funnels so ugly?

Because most companies that sell funnels are in the "Funnel-Selling" business.
Very few have any history (or successes) in the advertising or branding of companies.
Remember, BRANDING is important. If your funnel is ugly, your brand is ugly.

BLITZ FUNNELS are beautiful. Your brand should be too!

3.  Why does BLITZ only include 1 funnel?

QUESTION:  How many funnels do you need?  How many can you perfect?
Most successful companies have just a few
Great funnels. Many have only one!
We build you GREAT FUNNELS. Not dozens of failed funnels.

4.  Do you make BLITZ FLYWHEELS?

Yes! A FLYWHEEL isn't that much different than a funnel. It's main
purpose is to
"close the loop" by bringing customers back to purchase more. 
Think of a flywheel as a funnel with a specialized pages, and more emails.

BLITZ FUNNELS & FLYWHEELS: Great sales tools.

let's talk: websites

POP-QUIZ:   What BRAND doesn't have a website?

Now, we aren't saying this is impossible to answer. There may be a few.

But the truth is that while FUNNELS & FLYWHEELS help with very specific goals,

WEBSITES are needed to brand and build your company.


one-time fee

These websites don't just look great:  They run on all your customer's devices, are fast-loading and hack-resistant.


BLITZ websites come with a lot of extras.

  •  Start to finish:  Usually under 14 days
  •  It starts with a CONSULTATION
  •  We help with basic copy-writing
  •  We help with image selections
  •  We integrate your powerful VIDEOS
  •  We provide exceptional DESIGN & TYPE
  •  MOBILE, TABLET & DESKTOP viewable
  •  HACK-RESISTANT websites
  •  Very FAST-LOADING websites
  •  ONE-TIME FEE:  Free to take with you
  •  HOSTING INCLUDED:  On our IBM Servers

Websites Are Business Workhorses:

They need to be functional, as well as branding-beautiful.

Our websites/funnels offer a wide range of business-centric extras, and integrations.

So Many Affordable add-ons & Integrations for Our Websites:

News feeds    Calendars    Automated Appointments    Drag/Drop Customer Uploads

Google Workspace    Constant Contact    MailChimp    WuFoo Forms  JotForms  SEO Enhancements

Fully e-Commerce ready from Shopify & ECWID, PayPal/Stripe/Square    EventBrite Ticketing

past samples:

BLITZ Websites Stand Out. That's What You Want.

Own Your Markets

contact us:

Drop us a note in any reply form
and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Learn How BLITZ Beat COVID!

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