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Learn How BLITZ helped Beat COVID!

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For SMALL, MEDIUM & START-UPS that really want to grow.

But just need a bit of help. Is that you?


Whatever business you have, we've probably produced great marketing for others
in your industry:  Doctors, Mold Removal, Radio Stations, Fashion, Eyecare, Restaurants,
Construction, Dentists, Food & Beverage, Gyms/Trainers, Music, Diners, Financial Services,
Pharmaceutical, Banks, Medical & Hospitals, Bars, All Trades. Automotive.


Put your marketing in the hands of a couple of New York Admen.


  • BLITZ Quarterly
  • $699/month
  • (Subscription Paid Quarterly)
  • Perfect for Product Launches
  • 3-Monthly Promotions
  • Monthly Consultant Meetings
  • BLITZ Dashboard - FREE
  • Creative Discounts
  • Great Bounce Back From COVID!
  • I'm Ready!
  • BLITZ Biannual
  • $499/month
  • (6-month Subscription)
  • For the Start-Up
  • 6-Monthly Promotions
  • Monthly Consultant Meetings
  • BLITZ Dashboard - FREE
  • Creative Discounts
  • Great Bounce-Back From COVID!
  • I'm Ready!


By popular request, BLITZ now comes in THREE sizes. Each includes your own
DASHBOARD, and a monthly consultation with our top marketing team, offering
advice and a marketing mentorship. That alone is worth the cost of admission!

BLITZ ANNUAL The original service we have offered for years. This one year subscription gives you 12 monthly BLITZ's to promote and grow your business.

This is the package every business needs. Growing takes time. And while most businesses
see BLITZ MARKETING start to work in just 90-days, 12-months
is transformational.

BLITZ BIANNUAL — This package gives you 6-months of managed monthly marketing.
It was requested by many start-ups, and by BLITZ Annual clients needing even more.

This is a PERFECT MATCH with our 6-month FUNNEL package!

BLITZ QUARTERLY — Three months of managed marketing is ideal for short-term
needs like product launches, and for START-UPS needing to get the word out.


It's never been easy for small companies to both RUN and GROW their business.
BLITZ MARKETING lets you get
back to work. And we'll do the growing.

Why Managed Monthly Marketing Just Works



How does it work?

1.  When you join the team you are assigned a "PRODUCTION DATE". This is the date that your marketing material will be worked on and produced each month. We will have a team that includes an art director, graphic designer, typographer and a senior marketing director reserved just for your account.  (All of this is included in your subscription!)

2.  Every month before your production date, you log on to your online BLITZ DASHBOARD and let us know what type of marketing you want produced that month. A print ad? A Google Ad? Maybe a direct mail marketing postcard? Or an ad to run on Facebook or LinkedIn?

3.  Once the work is done, and you sign off on it (all done in the Dashboard), the BLITZ team will handle all of the final steps for you. We will deal with all the needed vendors, make sure everything is produced to match their required specifications, and delivered by any deadlines. (Client is responsible for any ordered vendor and agency fees.)

4.  All of your marketing information, on all of your monthly BLITZ campaigns, are available 24/7 in the BLITZ Dashboard. Simply log in and check how your marketing, web-traffic, and all orders are doing. Then kick-back and watch your business grow!

5.  Once every month, go into your Dashboard to schedule your monthly consultation with one of our Senior Marketing Team Members. This is a monthly one-on-one opportunity to pick the brain of either Lance Evans, or one of his senior marketing staff.


Every month, choose from these and other Blitz campaigns:

























I'm So Ready. Take Me To The Store!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Why Is Marketing So Important?

Because MARKETING, and in turn SALES,  are the only departments that bring money into a business. Period. Full Stop. Without it, your doors close and everyone goes home.

BLITZ is all about marketing and sales!

2.  What Are The TOP Reasons Most SMBs Fail?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (, and everyone else agrees that lack of "funding", "revenue", and "poor marketing/sales" are the primary reasons all businesses fail.

BLITZ' monthly marketing is the solution!

3.  Which BLITZ Subscription Should I Get?

It depends on your needs. Every company will benefit from regular monthly marketing.
So our ANNUAL BLITZ subscription makes the most sense to savvy business people. And it's
our most cost-effective offering, so many clients have been on it for years.

If you're a START-UP or on a tighter budget, feel free to start with the 6-Month plan.
It's also a great match with our BLITZ FUNNELS! Finally, our 3-month QUARTERLY BLITZ
is best reserved for short-term needs, like a company or product launch. 
A BLITZ for every need, and budget.

4.  Who Will Work On My Account?

All BLITZ client projects are produced in our New York studios, by the same team that produces projects for our parent company's major brands. On your PRODUCTION DAY, you will have a team of talents, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Typographer, copywriter and a Senior Marketing Manager working on your BLITZ. We provide up to 5 man/hours to produce every BLITZ.

BLITZ:  World-class marketing, at a price the rest of the world can afford.

5.  Monthly Marketing Consultations?

Every month, ideally the week before your next BLITZ, we set up a 20-minute phone or video conference for you with one of our top marketing team members. In fact, all BLITZ clients get at least one session with our Director, Lance Evans. You'll discuss your business goals, track growth, identify problems, and get many recommendations.


6. Can Production Days Be Rescheduled?

YES. Life happens, and if you need to skip ONE month, we are happy to accommodate. To keep BLITZ affordable we have to run a tight ship, so rescheduling is limited to just one monthly BLITZ with the 12 and 6-month subscriptions only. Production days that fall on a weekend or US holiday shall be moved to the next available production slot.

BLITZ is flexible.

7.  Are There Any Additional Production Fees?

Simple answer:  NO.  All the marketing, design and production work provided by us
is included, up to 5 man/hours per BLITZ. If you have an important BLITZ that needs more,
BLITZ members get a huge discount on additional man/hours.

Note that BLITZ does NOT include separate services such as photography, video, animation, illustration. But all are available at steep BLITZ member discounts.

BLITZ stays on budget.

8.  Photos & Art?

In branding and advertising, images are important. And clients that refuse to
understand this fact of life frequently suffer in their marketing. When it comes to imagery,
photos and illustrations, there are 4 levels available to all BLITZ clients:

1.  We are happy to look for imagery in the "free" catalogs.
This won't cost you anything, but it takes time and will eat into your production time.

2.  Option two are the subscription libraries, which have better content and charge for it.
We pass this small fee onto the client.

3.  There are also costly stock houses that charge by the image.

4.  Finally, our shop produces custom work every day. We pass on great discounts
to BLITZ members, and will quote a fee for your approval.

BLITZ:  Many ways to save.

9.  What Are Vendor Fees?

Vendor fees are fees from outside companies for services that our studio does not offer.
For example, we are NOT a printing company, so all printing must go to a vendor. Likewise,
we are not the Post Office or FedEx, so those services are sent out, and billed for.

Similarly, advertising platforms, like Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and print magazines all charge for advertising time/space. Clients are responsible for full payment for any vendor services they order. BLITZ adds the industry-standard agency handling of 20% to all vendor fees.

10.  What about refunds?

Yes, we do offer refunds. If it turns out a client doesn't have what it takes to really grow their business, it is pointless to spin wheels. And if on occasion there is a client that is a distraction to our ability to serve others, we also reserve the right to terminate any agreement for cause.

Because most marketing work is very "front-loaded", meaning the most important work is done at the start of work, we must be compensated for that. Refunds for marketing subscription are available for all months AFTER the 3rd month, at a refund rate of 50% for the remaining months.

Refund for websites and funnels are charged a "kill" fee of 50% if canceled at approval stage.
Client is still responsible for all vendor fees and expenses that had been previously ordered.



Marketing isn't about starting big and loud. It's just about starting.

It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. It's the long game that matters.

Our BLITZ Marketing plan is all about your long game.

           — Lance Evans / BLITZ Marketing

See It Work In Just 90 Days.





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Learn How BLITZ Beat COVID!

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